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    Welcome to BookNet Online Order Collection Service for distributors. A service dedicated to you

    Our unique e-trading service can be tailored to suit your needs, whatever the size of your business and allows you to trade electronically with most major chains and wholesalers and to send order acknowledgements.

    How you can benefit:

    • Your orders are available online within minutes of being placed
    • Collect your orders at your convenience
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    • Less time is spent on paperwork and customer queries
    • By acknowledging your orders, buyers will have current availability information.

    By joining this service, at any level, you will enable booksellers in the UK and Europe to order from you electronically, receive status up-dates and order acknowledgements, allowing them to provide greater levels of service to their customers.

    We do not charge for use of the Online Order Collection service if you receive up to 50 order lines per year. If you receive order lines at a higher volume a subscription charge will apply. Check prices HERE..



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